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Storyteller John Weaver

Legends & Laughter for All Ages

(--on-site, or online!)

Frequently-Asked Questions

Can you tell me about your storytelling?

My storytelling is aimed at entertaining children, making them laugh-- and getting them interested in hearing more by reading with the grownups in their lives. These are lively, interactive sessions well-geared toward each age group. I also hold family storytelling sessions for special school events, where the early childhood/family literacy message is hit home in storytelling designed to entertain the adults as well as the children.

Are you only a children’s storyteller?

No! I am here to tell to whoever will listen! I talk a lot about storytelling to children & families, but I love to share stories with adults as well—and many senior adults love a good story. I’m happy to share some with them.

Will you travel to my city/state/country & share stories?

Yes! I love sharing stories wherever I can. To defray travel expenses, it may be necessary for us to arrange multiple events in your region, so help in setting up events with libraries, schools, museums, & other event producers will make things happen.

How much do you charge?

Not so much—and nonprofits & educational institutions are offered a discount! Also, if you would like to arrange for multiple sessions of storytelling—either same day or over multiple visits—further price breaks are offered.

What’s the maximum number of attendees in a session?

I think that we can be more effective when the size of the group is limited—but I know that is not always possible. I have told to groups well in excess of a couple of hundred, and I’ve told to just a handful. To help schools manage smaller groups (i.e. grade-level assemblies, where I can better tailor content developmentally), I offer considerable discounts for booking multiple storytelling events.

Do you read books to the audience?

I practice the traditional art of storytelling, which predates books & is focused on the verbal sharing of a story using vocal variation, gesture & eye contact. It’s a very interactive experience.

If you are looking something closer to a library or preschool storytime, where the focus is more on reading books, we can arrange something—because I am certainly experienced in that, and do it in my storyteller’s way!

Are you available for children’s birthday parties?

I am, but I do encourage parents to consider the option of donating a storytelling performance to their child’s classroom, instead. It's cheaper, it’s a wonderful gift to an educational institution, and it may possibly even be taken as a charitable contribution. In-home party storytelling events can be difficult, as there are often many distractions: toys, food, television, grown-ups socializing in earshot of the event. In a distraction-free area, where everyone is supporting the goals of storytelling, an amazing time can be had—and I welcome the chance to be a part of it.

Do you have videos online of your storytelling performances?

This is a tricky one, because to me, the art of storytelling is very much a "you really need to be there" experience, and because every performance is different--different crowds, different venues, different clients. Every experience, even with the same stories, is unique.

That being said, the most direct answer is now YES! Scroll down for a few minutes of me getting some help from a young audience as I try to make my way through "Goldilocks & the Three Bears."

By the way, if you'd like some impressions from people who have seen me perform multiple times, I can put you in touch with some of my regular clients! 

Where can I watch you perform?

A list of my upcoming public performances is available on my blog.

Have another question, or want more details? CONTACT ME!

Storyteller John Weaver: performance clip

I am perpetually confused by the story, "Goldilocks & the Three Bears." Here, I stumble my way through, with lots of help from the families at Children's Fairyland in Oakland, California. January 2012